Engineered Monitoring Systems, Inc. (EMS) was founded by John Wilbur in 1969 as a service and installation contractor specializing in Fire Alarm Systems. David Wilson and his partner acquired EMS from Mr. Wilbur in 1984. By 1989, Mr. Wilson was sole owner of all stock, and the foundation for the present day corporation was in place. As President, Dave made EMS a force in the Contracting community during those first years by securing projects both large and small. Concentration on the Design/Build aspect of the business resulted in the addition of more professionals in the design, installation, service, and monitoring departments. EMS secured distribution arrangements with national and international manufacturers. By 1995, EMS had doubled the workforce, and future growth depended on focused growth management. Thomas Pifari was promoted to General Manager, and Dave was free to focus on sales and marketing. By 2000, EMS had secured a respected reputation in the industry for workmanship and reliability. A key personnel acquisition was the addition of John L. Sullivan in November of 2000. Mr. Sullivan had 15 years of experience in the design and installation of Enterprise Class platforms for facility protection. EMS had moved into Security, Access Control, and CCTV integration, In the spring of 2003, David Wilson passed away. Control of EMS passed to his wife, Louise Wilson. Growth and profitability continued, and additional markets were developed. With the impending retirement of Thomas Pifari in 2005, Mrs. Wilson chose John L. Sullivan as the General Manager of EMS. Under Mr. Sullivan’s leadership, EMS continued to grow and prosper. In July of 2014, Mr. Sullivan and his wife, Kimberly Jordan, purchased control of the Company from Mrs. Wilson. Kimberly Jordan serves as President of EMS, while John fulfills the duties of Vice-President and General Manager. Today EMS has 20 full time professional team member and approximately $4 million in annual revenues. We believe our emphasis innovation, our commitment to workforce education, and our commitment to our team members will allow us to continue setting the standard for excellence in our industry.